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I am Dang Yai, a French Farang

Dang Yai Costume
Dang Yai

I am Dang Yai, a French Farang. A professional musician, luthier, composer and arranger.

Since I live in Thailand, I had the idea to make an album in Thai, trying to tell my experiences in the land of smiles.

After all, I know at least three words in Thai, and my wife pretty much understands what I’m trying to say … Enough to make a record!

I try to talk about my misunderstandings, my new life’s curiosities, and my physical problems concerning Thai food in my songs. 😉 I additionally speak about communication difficulties with my lovely wife. I also use expressions or words that make me laugh. For their meaning or simply their sounds.

Why Dang Yai?

In Thailand, they are unable to pronounce my first name: Hervé. It is absolute torture for them. Every time they ask me what my name is, you can read on their faces: “Damn, why did I ask him his name? ” Because of their reactions, I suggest they call me by my middle name: Paul. But for those who have no knowledge of English, which is almost everyone, it is hardly easier to pronounce than my first name.

So I asked my wife, “How do you say big nose? “She replied:” Dang Yai. ” Banco, I decided to call myself that. It’s only much later that I learned that Dang Yai was not Thai but Lanna. In pure Thai, they say Samouk Yaï. I find Dang Yai cooler phonetically, so I decided to keep this pseudonym. Plus, I had already bought the domain name, I didn’t feel about purchasing a new one.

My musical style

My musical style has nothing to do with Thai music. I am the opposite of this music. It tends to get on my nerves. I’m not too fond of this sweet and romantic music. I love music that hits the nail on the head. So Dang Yai’s music is more Funk Rock orientated, with forays into Nu Jazz and heavy rock that stains. A bit like the music I do under my name. But with vocal and a simplified harmonic and rhythmic approach.

From Thais’ reaction, who listened to my songs, I look like an alien from space. I am the UFO of Thai music. Hit or miss. I do this primarily for fun. I solemnly pledge never to attempt to deliver any message, whether political, religious, or philosophical. I am only interested in one thing: to laugh.

Parallel careers

I have a long career in instrumental music under different names—a dozen albums under my real name: Hervé Senni and Danton Cue.

Herve Senni

I make jazz rock-oriented music with all possible ramifications for that musical style. I have, so far, released 12 albums which are available on all streaming and download sites.

Danton Cue

Under the name Danton Cue, I publish more commercial-oriented music. I now intend to use this pseudonym to make new-age songs, to contrast with my more fiery styles that I perform under my other names.

You can access these recordings by selecting the appropriate categories at the top of the site or in the right navigation bar.

Original Instruments

I also have the particularity of only playing with instruments of my own making or entirely modified by me. You can admire my exploits on my Youtube channel dedicated to this work, or check this gallery page listing most of them.

I play all the instruments on all of the albums, apart from the drums and some sporadic interventions. (My wife, Nitnipha Bee Senni, on some songs)

Dang Yai at Wat Rong Khun – (White Temple) in Chang Rai




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